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Women's tights made in France

The Archiduchesse socks are also available in another version: tights! Faithful to the spirit of the brand, our tights are entirely made in FranceComfortable and colourful, they brighten up autumn or winter with trendy colors: Carmine Red, English Green, Mustard Yellow, Purple Rain, Plum, Chocolate Brown, Oil Blue, Navy Blue, Charcoal Grey and Black Licorice ... Choose from a range of tights that match with your outfits and reflect your mood!

High quality adult tights

Do you know how the opacity of tights is measured? The denier measurement is used. It is a unit of fineness for yarn equal to the fineness of a yarn weighing one gram for each 9000 meters. 0 to 20 denier tights are transparent to slightly opaque. Between 20 and 50 denier, one obtains semi-transparent tights, 50 denier mark the limit between opacity and transparency. And from 60 to 100 denier, tights are completely opaque. With its 40 denier tights, Archiduchesse chose to play on the fabric: neither transparent nor opaque, these tights have refined colours and remain fluid. They are warm, "just right" to face the low temperatures outside without being feeling too warm inside! In addition, they are resistant and can be machine washed (at 30 degrees). 

Tights made in France at affordable prices

Archiduchesse tights are manufactured in a French company located in Hérault, in the south of France. As soon as you try them on, you will be convinced by the quality of the weaving and the small details that make  all the difference: unique colours, specially developed for Archiduchesse, a wider waistband to ensure maximum comfort, and  the delivery of tights that are shaped and ironed. It is a unique opportunity to reveal your femininity, thanks to  our French know-how! Tights are a must-have, the essential fashion accessory for every occasion: with a skirt, dress or shorts, you cannot do without them when temperatures drop! And to bring a bit of fun to your winter clothes, our range of colours will suit your fancy ... Pamper yourself with several shades, the low price of the Archiduchesse tights makes it possible! 

French tights that create perfection for your legs!

Cover your legs with premium quality tights at reduced prices: 40 denier tights that are made in France, shaped and ironed are a go-to choice,. To shape your legs and fit them perfectly, be careful when choosing the size of your tights: it must stay perfectly in place, should not be too tight and should not wrinkle at the knee when the leg is stretched. Archiduchesse offers a size guide to help you choose your tights. All you have to do is define the colour of your tights according to your wardrobe, the fashion or your desires!