The Green Sock

In this particular context, it seemed important to us at Archiduchesse to put forward the commitments and values we hold dear.

That's why we are launching throughout the month of April, the Green Sock project, which aims to review our commitments in terms of eco-responsibility. It is quite natural that we start the first act of this beautiful project with: the French Manufacturing.

  • French Manufacturing, since 2009 :

Let's start at the beginning, since the creation of Archiduchesse in 2009: 100% French manufacturing. We may not say it enough, but Archiduchesse was born from the meeting of Patrice (the creator of Archi) and Aymeric Broussaud (the president of Broussaud Textiles, socks manufacturer since 1938).

For 10 years now, French manufacturing has been in our DNA since the beginning! Socks are our core business, but thanks to our customers (and their request), we have also expanded our range with other products, all made in France too.

Our tights are made in the Hérault, our t-shirts in the North, our espadrilles in the South-West and our hats in the Haute Loire.

And even our packaging and cardboard boxes are made in France!

Our manufacturers are chosen for their know-how and their respect for working conditions.

Why do we manufacture in France ? :

To limit the carbon footprint of our products, thanks to a short circuit

To participate in the influence of the French industry and to maintain the know-how

And most importantly: to safeguard jobs in France, with 180 indirect jobs linked to our activity