Sock recycling

Together let's promote the circular economy of socks!

Archiduchesse launches its big sock harvest!

The goal? To give a second life to socks, by collecting orphaned socks or socks that you no longer wear
to redistribute them to people in need to spend the winter in warmth!

We tell you more in pictures...

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In details :

At Archiduchesse, we decided to highlight and promote the circular economy regarding socks! And yes, we are committed to finding a solution to end-of-life socks by organizing a collection of orphaned or unused socks!

Already last year, we talked about socks donations to offer to poor people (migrants, homeless, ...) in this article via the association Sock en Stock (article right here). This year, we don't only intend to talk about it but we intend to get more involved by setting up a special operation.

Many of us are confronted with the mystery of the disappearing sock (hungry washing machine, sock kidnappers...). Others still have old socks that pile up at the bottom of a drawer for the benefit of beautiful Archiduchesse. At Archiduchesse, we were the first ones concerned because we regularly sort out socks at home (prototype, bad colors, socks for shooting, ...) and we didn't know what to do with them! So we came to the following conclusion: many of our socks are unused, abandoned or left in the drawers. But what a waste! Many people in need do not have access to this type of clothing, as these items are rarely donated.

This is why we have decided to participate in the great sock harvest! Whether they are mismatched or you don't like them anymore, give them a second life and do a good deed!

Our goal is simple: to create a mountain of socks! In this mountain, the orphaned pairs will be able to find their look-alike and be "paired" again!

To reach this goal, we NEED YOU! At Archiduchesse, we are convinced that solidarity can reach new heights! A small solidarity action will be a great comfort.

To participate, you just have to send us all your socks, clean and in good condition (no holes in them), mismatched or not, to the following address

Association Sock en stock
40 rue du Chaufour
59000 Lille

Socks with holes or in bad condition are sent for textile recycling!

We count on you to relay this initiative to your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc... We all have a single sock that is looking for his half...

So are you ready to move mountains?