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About us

About Archiduchesse socks

Archiduchesse is a story of feet, colours and good humour which began in 2009! Dreamed up around a single model of socks available in original colours, Archiduchesse quickly made its mark: that of a fun and novel brand. With socks for men, women and children, there is a pair to suit each person and to assert their personality to the tips of their toes! But Archiduchesse also has values… all of the socks are 100% Made in France, woven from Oeko-tex® certified cotton and sold at affordable prices. Feet love them and want more of them! Archiduchesse is widening its range of socks and is now venturing out into new areas.

History: “In the beginning, there were Bouclettes socks…”

Archiduchesse was founded in 2009 in Saint-Étienne, a city with harsh winters, where you need to cover up from head to toe. For Patrice, the brand’s creator, the interest of Archiduchesse was originally to be able to propose a range of socks easy to co-ordinate with Converse®, sneakers or other shoes. This is how the Bouclette range came about, in 30 different colours, such as Panther Pink, Pigeon Grey and Lemon Yellow.

New products appeared as the brand grew: De Ville range, Socquette range, children’s sizes, new Fantaisie prints, and in 2015, Archiduchesse resculpted our legs with its range of multi-coloured Tights.

2017 marked a turning point in the history of Archiduchesse socks. Camille took over, with projects and ambitions aplenty for the brand… Archiduchesse diversified with new sock ranges which were missing from the collection: a Women’s Lurex range and a Short range, and a new product category for the summer: Espadrilles from the Basque Country. New partnerships have been forged and new Fantaisie models have joined the collection. Things have changed too in terms of logistics with the launch of two new means of transport (Chronopost and Points Relais). Recently, after the company moved to Clichy, the new website of Archiduchesse was launched with new functionalities.



Made in France!

Archiduchesse has always been committed to 100% French production. This is an essential value which presides over the choice of manufacturers. The Made in France label provides a guarantee of quality and good production conditions for our socks, tights and espadrilles. It is also a way of constructing a lasting business, by instilling a relationship of trust with our partners and customers.

  • Archiduchesse socks are knitted by Broussaud Textiles, a family company in Limousin founded in 1938. Broussaud Textiles is a historical partner of Archiduchesse and assists the brand on a daily basis. It takes part in creating and developing new ranges and new models of socks. Broussaud Textiles received Oeko-tex® certification for the cotton used (without substances that are harmful to the environment and the skin) and the Origine France Garantie certification in 2017.
  • The espadrilles come from Mauléon, in the South-west of France: the birthplace of the most authentic French espadrilles. The 100% cotton canvas is produced by the last weaver in the Basque Country and the rope sole is covered in natural rubber from Mauléon. Lastly, the Mauléon craftsmen assemble these authentic Basque espadrilles on site.
  • Archiduchesse tights are made in the Hérault.

Archiduchesse also values the Made in France label for its little everyday gifts and its supplies.

Socks in original colours

Colour and humour make up the Archiduchesse identity. The brand has stood out from the beginning with the diversity of its range on the sock market. It also has a special way of presenting its colours, giving each one a particular savour… Slipping on a pair of Milk Chocolate Brown, Rope Beige, Line 13 Blue, Brigitte Bordeaux, Sheep White or John Lemon socks creates a good mood from the word go! You can’t resist, especially as Archiduchesse proposes over 40 colours for its De Ville socks. For those who are fussy, some colours are made in limited editions depending on the seasons. There is also the Fantaisie range: socks with original patterns, boxed sets or pairs of socks developed in partnerships, and even original patterns created by web users! Most are produced in limited editions: the perfect opportunity to treat someone (or yourself) to Made in France collector socks!


The Archiduchesse wardrobe

The permanent Archiduchesse collection features different sock ranges: De Ville socks, which delight city dwellers with their fine shoes; De Luxe socks, which combine fashion and the style of cotton knit; Bouclette socks for snuggling; Fantaisie socks, which express creativity; Short socks, which leave the calf free for enhanced comfort, and Socquettes, essential for wearing with trendy sneakers!

The strength of Archiduchesse socks lies in their versatility. They are comfortable in every situation and are made for men, women and children.

Especially for you, ladies, since 2017 some products are dedicated just for women, with lurex: the striped blue or red Belle-Ile socks and the series of Illuminées available in six colours.

Archiduchesse and you

Archiduchesse has always been attentive to its community. A story isn’t beautiful unless it’s shared! Comments and suggestions do not go unheeded and can even lead to some lovely results. Some sock colours are developed based on customer feedback, such as Il Bleu Bergère and Brigitte Bordeaux, the shades and names of which were chosen by fans. You can tell us what you think too! With its workshop, Archiduchesse invites you to think of the next model in its Fantaisie range. Your design will be exhibited in the gallery and might even be produced in a limited series.


The team and key figures of Archiduchesse socks

Archiduchesse is above all about its fans and its customers. Thank you all. Without you, the adventure could not have taken place!

In 2018, Archiduchesse accounted for:

  • more than 13,000 orders
  • over 110,000 products sold
  • over 4,500 emails sent to Broussaud Textiles
  • daily exchanges with the staff of Axome who work on the website
  • lots of partnerships
  • around 23,000 fans on Facebook
  • 3,800 followers on Instagram
  • 4,300 followers on twitter
  • thousands of calls and emails to the customer service department
  • many other things… and a lot of happiness!

Today, the Archiduchesse team has a Marketing and Communication division, a design studio, a cutting-edge fashion design team, a Research & Development department, an IT service worthy of Google, a strategic committee, etc., all contained within two people!

Camille (the Big boss) and Marie (the one who does all the real work...) are motivated more than ever before to make the brand a success and to promote its values and universe!

Your feet are in good hands!

Origine France Garantie